With so many options to start a business why would you even want to consider starting a Lavender business? If you are familiar with this gift of nature then you already have the answer to this question.

Its natural

Lavender is from nature. A lot of people are now beginning to recognize that the more natural products are much safer and more beneficial to them. They are beginning to steer away from products that may contain harmful chemicals.


There are so many natural products that can be developed from lavender that it gives you plenty of choices of which ones you would like to specialize in. This versatility also gives you the opportunity to make many of your own lavender based products. For example, lavender soap is easy to make and it is something a lot of buyers are already aware of and want. Lavender pouches is another product that is often very popular. Consumers like to buy these to put them among their clothing to keep their items smelling nice. These are just two examples of the many yet simple products that can be made from lavender.

It is an Easy Product to Market

Lavender can be used in so many different ways that it really broadens the market that you can target for your products. Men and women alike favour these types of products. Aside from this lavender is often used in many gift items which allows you to enter the gift industry.

As with any business you need to learn everything you can about the type of lavender products you want to promote. It takes some planning and being committed to building your business. Once you have your product line then your focus has to be on marketing and promoting this.

There are a lot of opportunities that you can use to scale up your lavender business. Of course the internet is going to be one very powerful resource, but don’t forget about your on land opportunities either.