If you have discovered the value that lavender has perhaps you have chosen to turn this into a business. No doubt you will want to use the internet as one of your resources for making your new business successful. Lavender is something that can be used to produce many different types of specialty items. It can be used in colognes, soaps, and sold as an essential oil. It even has its place in the culinary world.

When you are setting up a lavender business you have a couple of options of how you can promote it online. You can have one main website that promotes all of your products. In order to do this you would go with one domain name, then find a hosting company to host your site which means you would be assigned one IP address.

There is also another option that would allow you to expand your business presence online and it would be particularly good if you are selling several lavender specialty products. What you could do is set up individual websites for each of these products and then create links between them. This gives you much more online exposure.

If you are going to go with multiple websites that are so heavily related there is one issue that you need to overcome. The major search engines do not recognize multiple websites that have the same IP address. This all comes into play with search engine optimization.

There is a solution for this and it is called seo.hosting which means you can have your sites on the same server, but they will each be assigned individual IP addresses. This is a simple solution for what can be a complex problem for those businesses that want to have several related sites.

It is not difficult to maintain several sites and this format allows you to focus on and promote your individual lavender products more effectively.